EM1 Aclam

The 2014 EM1 recovers, updating the model with same name that has not builded since twenty years.
The recovery of the EM1 maintains the philosophy of unique and exclusive high quality sound. Introduces the double cutaway typology and tonal versatility response of the instrument because of the practical possibility of the exchange of the bridge and tailpiece with multiple options. The final product is a collection of musical instruments of the highest quality made with meticulous construction process and their components, as noble as the selected wood have been made following the most ancient and valuable traditions.

The amplifier follow the pattern of quality guitars. For its design, the quality of electronic components and the choice of wood.

The EM1 electric guitar, both solid body as hollow body has a distinctive timbre, provide an excellent balance and a precise and harmonious sound. With two pickups and passive electronics, is a small-bodied guitar, reduced weight and 24 frets fretboard, providing comfort and ease of playing.

Width: 330mm (13 inches) thickness 35 mm (1-3 / 8).

Scale: 635mm (25 inches), nut width: 43mm (1-11/32).