Review: Dario Roco

Dear Josep,

You guitar is beautiful and there are some very smart features (like the possibility to raise the tailpiece or to make the longer scale and the removable pickguard). It is not yet as loud as I would like but I believe the guitar will "open up" in time like flat tops do, and I still have to "discover" all the possibilities offered by the different tailpiece positions (by the way, in which position will be increased the volume/loudness of the instrument). A superb guitar anyhow. So, here we go:

This guitar is a 2004 JM3 arch top guitar in European Spruce top and European Maple back, sides and neck. Fingerboard, bridge, pickguard and tailpiece are in Ebony and it has Grover Rotomatic tuning machines with ebony knobs. Non cutaway, 18" body and D'Aquisto "Solo" style soundholes. This guitar is as good an instrument as it is from the visual point of view.

The JM3 has a very balanced sound and a very beautiful tone. Being brand new is not yet very loud, but excels both in fingerpicking and strumming. Overall, a very fine guitar, with mostly jazz character.

The guitar is finished with nitrocellulose lacquer and in Amber color, which gives beautiful appearance to both the maple and the bear claw spruce. The workmanship is flawless and the playability is superb. Action and scale length can be modified,thus having the possibility to adjust them to the player needs and tastes.

Josep Melo guitars are built with state of the art techniques and with very good craftmanship. It's brand new but I have no doubts on its reliability and durability.

Josep Melo is not only an excellent guitar builder, he is very professional as well as supportive in relationships with customers. All details of the guitar were extensively discussed and agreed with him, both by phone and e-mail, before starting construction.

Josep Melo guitars are among the best built today. The quality of the work and of the materials are first class and I am sure his flat tops and classicals guitars are first class as well. I recommend this builder without hesitation.

Hope is ok, Josep,
muchas gracias and best regards

Dario Ronco