Review: Bob Spooner

Dear Mr. Melo:

I purchased a JM3 Deluxe Custom 017.6001 A006 guitar from Golden Age Instruments just over one and one half years ago. I have waited to comment on the guitar until I have had time to get familiar with the set up, type of strings, and amp settings that work best for this guitar. After having time to get over the excitement of a new guitar and being able to play the guitar for a period of time, my impression is that this is an amazing guitar.

I have many fine instruments. One of the guitars I own is a Gibson L5CES, which is a fine guitar. However, I was looking for an archtop guitar that had more accoustic properties and was responsive to subtle playing techniques. The JM3 just "comes alive" when played. And, it just sounds better the more I play it. It sounds great both as an accoustic guitar and using the pickup through an amp.

As I mentioned, I have a collection of very fine guitars. However, if I could keep only one guitar of the collection it would be the Melo JM3.

Thank you for such a fine instrument that has enhanced the quality of my life. It brings me great pleasure to play the guitar, and listeners enjoy it as well.

Thank you again for building such great instruments.


Bob Spooner