Review: Michael Lowe

Hi Mr Melo,

I have admired your guitars for some time, but haven't had pleasure to own one. I've played guitar for many years, primarily Jazz, and a couple years ago started to seriously play the drums (at 41 years old!). I moved to NYC and have not played much guitar since then.

Recently I started to think about selling my "x" custom electric archie archtop, originally for financial reasons, and went to Golden Age Guitars to talk to John about it. Well I played a number of guitars, and didn't find anything that I liked as much as my "x" (I wasn't looking for a larger archtop, but I sure did see the BEAUTIFUL full size models of yours)... I was about to leave when I saw that he had a used EM3, I picked it up and immediately fell in love with it... I ended up trading my "x" for it!

My new EM3 has inspired a whole new relationship with the guitar after more than 30 years playing, and I have started playing seriously again. After many years of playing and owning MANY guitars, including some very fine ones and a couple custom guitars made for me like the "x", somehow the EM3 is the first guitar that truly feels like "my" guitar. I have made guitars myself (classical) so I can appreciate you superlative craftsmanship, but there is something uncommonly special about this guitar that is more than craft... it is pure art. I can't tell you how much I love this instrument, and how thankful I am to have it. It has the voice that I have sought for so many years, and it is incredible to find an instrument that gives you exactly the voice you hear inside.

Just wanted to write and say thank you --thank you!!-- and to let you know there is now another person in the world playing and loving one of your guitars. If you have any sort of mailing list, i would like to be added. 


Michael Lowe 
Brooklyn, NY.