Review: Michael Lavin, Ph.D.

John (,

My wife loves the guitar. She was kind enough to let me play it too. It is a miracle of an instrument. The intonation is perfect and it has a delightful mellifluous woody sound. It is a sweet tone that I associate with the stupendous instruments made by Linda Manzer. The guitar's action was killer. The guitar was free of any dead spots when I played scales and chords up and down the neck to test it. I was in shock that a guitar could sound so wonderful before it had been played a few months. Although the action is low, the guitar is a buzz free zone. It remained buzz free even when I played it with a rubber pick to see how it withstood a stronger attack.

Reidel, as my wife calls her, is also a pretty guitar. Mr. Melo did an astonishing job with the guitar's finish. He made the mahogany attractive with its finish. The neck is handsome, as are the gold tuners with ebony covers. The upgrade on the top is indeed eye catching and gorgeous in its sound. I've NEVER been so completely pleased with a guitar in my life, nor has my wife. To add to it, my wife and I love the exclamation-mark case. I was especially pleased with its grey color. Too many makers seem to forget that black cases become ovens if left in the sun.

Thank you for bringing a genius luthier's guitars to the states. all the best, mike

Michael Lavin, Ph.D.