Josep Melo

Josep Melo's family background allows him to combine intellectual work with craftsmanship. From a very early age he was obsessed with making guitars: as he grew older they went everywhere with him and he began to build up a collection. Apart from playing them he also studied their form, their design, their sound, the wood they were made from... The collection grew and so did his knowledge which was clearly contributed to by his training as a designer, and this afforded him a rigour in his work and in his thinking.

Moved by his thirst for learning and travel, he benefited from the experience and friendship of guitar-makers such as James L. D'Aquisto in New York, José Luis Romanillos in Guijosa, and Steve Klein in California. In addition he often visited factories such as Martin&Co in Pennsylvania, Gibson in Nashville, Bozeman in Montana and Fender Custom in Corona, California. In the meantime, he studied classical guitar, and later, jazz guitar.

His dedication has meant that he can pour all of the experience, discernment and hopes, which make him the person that he is, into his guitar malking. The end product is a collection of musical instruments of the highest quality, made with meticulous care, and whose components, which are as noble as wood, are from natural origins and have been made according to the oldest and most esteemed traditions.


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